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About us

Medicar, a family run, private ambulance service which prides itself on offering a high quality, flexible, individual and friendly service to patient and families.

We always take time to ensure that the needs of our patients are met with assurance and that any discussions remain confidential.

Our philosophy -

always putting the patient first

Medicar will make sure that people can expect services to meet essential standards of quality and safety that respect their dignity and protect their rights.

When transporting patients, carers and relatives, our employees are checked under the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and use quality vehicles that are fit for purpose.

Medicar is versatile and adaptable to need and as such, provides its service to individuals, families, companies, private hospitals and NHS trusts. Each of these groups of service users has individual and specific criteria for the service. This service is, at all times, responsive to the needs of the customer.

The service that Medicar provides demands the highest levels of integrity from all staff. A friendly face and an understanding attitude puts patients, carers, escorts and colleagues at their ease, improving the patient experience, promoting excellent communication at all levels and fostering the best of working relationships with healthcare colleagues.

Our aims and objectives

Medicar’s key aims and objectives are a requirement of all staff to work towards helping us not only achieve but excel in the below areas;


  • To provide a safe and effective transport service for medically fit patients to transfer to their normal place of residence/home.

  • To ensure a high standard of patient experience and always offer a friendly face and an understanding attitude that puts patients, families and carers at their ease.

  • To ensure that all journeys protect a persons dignity, privacy and vulnerability by ensuring their needs and wants are met by one to one support from a registered nurse.

  • To maintain a professional customer focused approach.

  • To ensure that staff are appropriately prepared and trained

    to deliver the service.

  • To ensure that all patients who are conveyed receive optimum care during their journey based upon their clinical condition, safeguarding the interests of both patient and staff.

  • To promote excellent communication at all levels and fostering the best of working relationships with all healthcare colleagues for the benefit of patients.

Our vehicles

Our vehicles are Mercedes Benz 300 Turbo Diesel estates fully equipped with the following features:

  • 6 foot Ferno- Washington stretcher which converts to a chair

  • Essential medical supplies (no drugs)

  • Portable oxygen carried and ready for requirements

  • Carries a maximum weight 18 stone

Our commitment to you

Our patient transport drivers and registered nurses are all professionally qualified

Evidence of qualification
and identification can be provided at all times

All staff employed by Medicar are DBS checked

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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